Know how

Research and Development

For almost the last ten years, we have provided our customers with innovative solutions. Most of the time, they allow them to patent these innovations or to keep a technical step ahead. Between 2006 and 2011, we have developed 6 new patented products.

This is the reason why we were naturally delighted to launch officially the Caliplast R & D Department in 2011

Examples of developed innovations:

  • Biobased materials
    Since 2008, Caliplast has processed a biobased Polyamid 11 which reduced the CO2 emission by a 2.4 factor compared to a PA6

  • Plastic-metal substitution
    As we are committed to satisfy our customers expectations, we offer solutions to replace metal by plastic in many applications.
    This evolution is a well-established trend which is most of the time driven by technical needs or production cost requirements.
    Example of a pump hood (one aluminium foundry part replaced by a PA66 part with the fitting of 3 threaded inserts).

  • Plastic insert for Zamak moulding
    In order to obtain a part of similar weight as the previous version made from aluminium foundry, we have developed with our customer a specific plastic insert that is placed in the mould prior to metal casting. The main difficulty is to avoid plastic material degradation.