Know how

Processes Automation

Since 2006, thanks to its dual expertise (design of products and design of automated processes), our integrated R & D Department has allowed our customers to benefit from productivity gains reaching up to 35 %.


Our means:

  • 4 presses equipped with Sepro robots
  • 2 automated units equipped with multi-articulated Fanuc robots (6 shafts)


Examples of automated applications engineered with our two units:

  • - Fitting of inserts, rings and rolling bearings in the mould,
  • - Laser marking,
  • - Visual control,
  • - Bonding,
  • - Stacking and palletisation.


Examples of applications for which we engineered specific equipments:

  • machine for the simultaneous fitting of 20 cable grommets
  • flexible hinges fitting,
  • automated stacking.