The YAG laser source enables a precise marking on a great number of resins and colours. As the marking is made deeply in the material, the technology fits perfectly to the fields of traceability and authentication. More informations
In 2006, we have developed an automated unit on our 800 tons injection press for bonding and assembling as well as for insert positioning: on this example by putting together the two PPC bodies, we save more than 25% in productivity! More informations
Equipped with CAD PRO ENGINER stations, our R&D team meets the customers’ needs: from the simple integration of draft to the complete conception of the product. We also adapt the automated process according to the desired production volume. More informations
For the development of the « Ocean Sound Device », Pierre Lavagne wanted to give a sophisticated aspect to this plastic object which is inspired by conchs used by the Tibetan monks. Since 2008, this Shelltone has allowed Pierre Lavagne and the other members of the Shelltone Whale More informations
Our innovative concept protected by a European patent, makes possible to get an exceptional 1 to 5 stacking ratio. Thanks to this ratio, the Empilis handling crate respects the environment, indeed the number of return journeys are decreased by 30% that means less CO2 emissions. More informations

Processes Automation

Since 2006, thanks to its dual expertise (design of products and design of automated processes), our integrated R & D Department has allowed our customers to benefit from productivity gains reaching up to 35 %.


Our means:

  • 4 presses equipped with Sepro robots
  • 2 automated units equipped with multi-articulated Fanuc robots (6 shafts)


Examples of automated applications engineered with our two units:

  • - Fitting of inserts, rings and rolling bearings in the mould,
  • - Laser marking,
  • - Visual control,
  • - Bonding,
  • - Stacking and palletisation.


Examples of applications for which we engineered specific equipments:

  • machine for the simultaneous fitting of 20 cable grommets
  • flexible hinges fitting,
  • automated stacking.